Commercial Rooftop Market

Double Commercial Installs = $3+B PV Mrkt Increase

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Commercial Market Uses 36% of U.S. Energy… BUT Only accounts for 15% of PV Installs Each Year

Addressable U.S. Commercial Rooftop = 145 GW Market ($200B in potential installations)

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Why All the Empty Rooftops?

Problem: Higher Efficiency Needed for Commercial Investments without Government Subsidies.

Natural Gas LCOE = 3.6¢/kWh


Coal LCOE = 4.1¢/kWh


Fixed Solar LCOE = 4.5¢/kWh

Rocking Solar Benefit: Power Boost of ~50% resulting in 22% lower cost of install for the same daily production.

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Rocking Solar LCOE = 3.5¢/kWh


Wind, Weight, Flexibility, Economics

  • Dual Tilt = High GCR but Low Panel Efficiency
  • Ballast System = Too Heavy for 20% of Roofs
  • Fixed Tilt = Wind Issues & Roof Penetrations
  • Utility Trackers = Most Economic but Too
    Tall and Too Many Penetrations

Need Better Flexible Economic Solution!


Production Solution Picture
  • Increase Solar Efficiency by >30%.
  • Reduce Weight by 50%
  • Height Profile 14” to 26”
  • Wind/Snow Defense Control System
  • Utility Tracker Proven Components
  • Each Rocker Rated to 2000 LBS
  • Modular Design for Flexible Install
  • Semi Portable (Few/No Penetrations)

15 to 22% Improvement in LCOE

Other Markets Include: Capped Landfills, Rotating of Agriculture Fields, and other low slope applications where permanent Ground Mounts are not desired.

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