70% of Solar Utility Fields are Single Axis Trackers Now Available for COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS

Sandia National Laboratories Testing

Sandia National Laboratories Testing

Wichita State University Install

Rocking Solar rooftop tracker is a low profile, wind defensive, single axis tracker solution designed to be the most efficient PV solar energy system for low slope roof buildings and applications where penetrations are not desired.

Key Benefits for the Same Daily Power Production vs Fixed Panel System:

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Money Maker

  • 50% Higher Efficiency Per Panel
  • 20% Lower Capital Cost
  • Increased Property Value


Reduced Weight

  • 50% Reduction in Weight, Less than 3.0 PSF
  • 75% Less Ballasts or Fewer Penetrations


Flexible Design

  • Semi Portable for Future Roof Repairs
  • Adjustable Row Length for Roof Features

wind energy

Wind Defense System

  • Reduced Wind Risk Rated up to 120mph.
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patent pending

We are looking for Partners:

  • BUILDING/LOT/LAND OWNERS will increase their property value
  • OCCUPANTS would acquire lowest clean energy cost
  • DISTRIBUTORS/INTEGRATERS will increase sales with breakthrough technology
  • INVESTORS will profit from bankable patent pending solutions

All Benefit from this Breakthrough Rocking Technology!

Rocking Solar

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